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[Fic & Drabbles] Of Sugars and Creams, As Expected, Gift of Happiness

Fandom: Loveless
Title: Of Sugars and Creams
Pairing: Natsuo x Youji; Natsuo x Youji x Kio?
Rating: PG13 (for, uh, groping? kinda. x])
Genre: Humor
Description: Kio attempts to make Natsuo and Youji some coffee. And fails miserably. Now stop the wandering hands. Now.

(Pass the milk.)

Fandom: Gakuen Heaven
Title: As Expected
Pairing: Niwa x Saionji
Word Count: 523
Description: It's a spectacle to see Saionji Kaoru alone. Therefore, Niwa, being the dork he is, decides to intrude. (What a poor summary. xD But hey, IT'S A DRABBLE. Do drabbles need summaries? o_o)

The rain was pouring from the darkened sky and Niwa Tetsuya was late. Sparing a glance at his watch every now and then, the student council president dashed through the rain at top speed, holding his books over his head, to get across campus in time for the meeting vice president Nakajima had called. He knew Nakajima well enough to know that if he were to show up late, punishment was in order. He shuddered at the thought.

As he continued to run, he noticed a lone figure sitting on one of the planters, ill sheltered from the rain. Upon closer scrutiny, Niwa noticed that it was their very own queen. He glanced once more at his watch before decided he could manage to spare a few minutes of Nakajima-induced torture. Seeing Saionji alone was too rare of a spectacle.

“Nice weather we’re having, aren’t we, Kaoru-chan?” Niwa commented with a wry grin as he made his way over to the planter to take a seat next to the other boy. He shook his arms a bit in attempt to dry himself, but also partially to get Saionji a bit wet. Jou-sama was rather cute when he was irritated.

“I don’t remember inviting you to sit down,” Saionji stated pointedly, frowning at the other boy.

“That’s cold, Kaoru-chan,” Niwa replied with a mock pout. “In any case, what are you doing out here? And without your knight at that.”

“Omi went to get an umbrella,” Saionji replied calmly, folding his arms. Niwa was amused by the fact the queen did not bother to protest about the knight comment. He laughed a bit on the inside. He supposed it was rather pointless to deny something that was known to be true.

“Keeping dear jou-sama from getting wet?” Niwa teased with a laugh escaping his lips. “Really, you’re just like a—”

“Cat?” the other boy supplied, turning to smirk at the suddenly stiffened Niwa rather devilishly. Winking, he breathed, “Nya, Niwa.”

“Kaoru-chan, you’re really evil,” Niwa sighed, slightly blue-faced as Saionji snickered a bit in spite of himself. Noticing the time, Niwa frowned and stood up, making the other boy look at him curiously.

Without warning, Niwa removed his jacket and draped it over Saionji’s head. While the longhaired boy blinked at him in confusion, Niwa took advantage of the other boy’s disorientation and leaned closer to nip at his neck. Saionji let out a satisfying—to Niwa at least, it was embarrassing for Saionji himself—“eep,” having been caught off-guard.

“Punishment for teasing,” Niwa explained with a wave of his hand as he backed out into the rain again. Grinning, he mocked blowing a kiss before dashing off again.

Until Niwa ran out of sight, Saionji was glaring daggers at his back. But once the other boy was gone, the longhaired boy sighed and frowned slightly, lifting a hand to finger Niwa’s mostly dry jacket that was still draped over his head.

“If you wanted to keep me dry, you could have just said so, idiot,” Saionji muttered to himself, flushing very faintly.

Always with the indirect actions. As expected of the king.



(The Next Day)

Saionji: Niwa, I came to return your—… What happened to your face?

Niwa: Oww, don’t poke me, Kaoru-chan. Hide punished me. As it turns out, my watch was ten minutes slow so I was twenty minutes late for the meeting…

Saionji: …as expected of the king.

Niwa: …what’s that supposed to mean?

Saionji: Nya.

Niwa: GEH.

A/N: I love Niwa. He's such a dork. ♥

Fandom: Tenshi ni Narumon!
Title: Gift of Happiness
Pairing: Raphael x Mikael
Word Count: 343
Description: In which Raphael can't keep his hands to himself. Questions arise on the way back to heaven.

Warning: I, uh, hinted the end of the series. It's kind of like...if you don't know what it's talking about, you won't even realize it's a spoiler. :D Kind of. ._.

The road to heaven was actually much longer than Mikael had thought—that, or Raphael had chosen to take the long way. The one-winged angel seemed to be enjoying carrying Mikael in his arms a little too much.

“You don’t have to carry me, you know,” Mikael muttered, turning his flaming face away. Somewhere along the way, Raphael’s arms went from around Mikael’s shoulders to around his waist to completely sweeping him off his feet.

“But it’s more fun this way,” Raphael chirped in reply. “Plus I get to hold you. Spoil me a little, won’t you?”

Mikael paused for a moment, but when the other angel grinned down at him, he ducked his head again. Quietly, he mumbled with a blush, “If it makes you happy.”

“And it does!” the other angel responded instantly in a singsong voice.

“Why didn’t you stop me then?”

Raphael blinked and looked down questioningly at the suddenly blurted out question.

“Was it because you knew it was a test?” Mikael questioned quietly, the questions suddenly stirring in his mind again. “Or did you…”

“I love you, Mikael,” Raphael cut in with a sincere smile, instantly silencing the other angel. “For that reason, I can’t deny you of anything that makes you happy.”

“Even if it makes you feel wretched?” Mikael muttered as Raphael’s arms tightened around him.

“Absolutely,” Raphael replied with a grin. He winked suggestively before continuing, “Isn’t that what you’re doing now? Except, of course, you are enjoying this.”

Mikael once again felt a blush invade his face. Squeezing his eyes shut, he declared hotly, “I am not!”

“Not exciting enough?” Raphael teased. Cheerfully, he went on without missing a beat, “Don’t worry. I did promise to show you the faculty closet at the Academy, after all. Will it be exciting enough doing it during breaks?”


Raphael laughed. “Just admit you’re happy already.”

Blushing harder, Mikael turned his face to bury it slightly more in the other angel’s chest.

“…being with you has always made me happy…”

“What was that?”


“Mikael, you’re mean.”

A/N: I would so pay you money instant friend anyone who knows/likes this pairing/series. n.n; It's impossible to find fellow Tennimon friends around here. Though I must admit, Raphael and Mikael are the whole reason to endure this series. Because Noelle sometimes puts me into sugar!coma. :O
Tags: drabble, fic, gakuen heaven, loveless, natsuo/youji, natsuo/youji/kio, niwa/saionji, raphael/mikael, tennimon
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